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What is a Power of Attorney?

What is a Power of Attorney?

One important component of a comprehensive estate plan is establishing a Power of Attorney (commonly called POA) that would enable a person to manage your affairs or make decisions on your behalf should you become unable or incapacitated. There are…

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Common Inheritance Pitfalls; Pierce Legal logo appears in lower left

Common Inheritance Pitfalls

Being a beneficiary of a person's estate and receiving an inheritance brings with it mixed emotions after the loss of a loved one. While losing a loved one is heartbreaking, the influx of funds can help ease financial burdens. It…

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Expanded Medicare Telehealth Benefits

Post-Pandemic Medicare Telehealth Benefits

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the concept of telehealth quickly spread and has become a standard service offering for healthcare providers. Telehealth medicine became essential, as it ensured people could maintain non-emergent medical services during the pandemic. To protect providers and…

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Signs. of Elder Abuse & What to Do About It

The Signs of Elder Abuse

We all want to believe that no one would ever intentionally harm our elderly loved ones. However, the truth is that senior citizens are one of the most vulnerable populations when it comes to abuse. The National Council on Aging…

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Caregiver Guide to Self Care; Pierce Legal logo appears in lower left corner

A Caregiver’s Guide to Self-Care

Taking on the role of caregiver for a loved one is extremely selfless and fulfilling; however, at times it can become exhausting. While many find gratification in caring for others, they have to tend to their own lives and responsibilities.…

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Mother and daughter sit on couch discussing estate planning; Pierce Legal logo appears in lower left corner

Estate Planning with Your Parents

Talking to your parents about their will or estate plan, or lack thereof, can be difficult. Many adult children put off having the “dreaded talk” with parents and are unprepared when an unforeseen event like an accident or illness happens.…

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