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Medicaid Penalty Period Avoidance

In order to receive federal assistance through the Medicaid program for nursing home care, assisted living, in-home care, or adult foster care, an individual must meet the income and asset threshold requirements. Due to these rules, many candidates have to…

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Planning For Surviving Spouses

When you lose a spouse or long-term partner, it can be difficult to think beyond your grief. Nevertheless, you need to understand that important and timely decisions must be made regarding your financial situation and personal estate planning. To be…

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What A Creditor Can Do to Disrupt Probate

An executor is designated in a will to make a public record, usually published in a local newspaper, on the date of death of the testator. Among other things, this information serves as notice to creditors if the deceased owed…

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The Effect of COVID-19 on Your Health Care Directives

As a result of the Coronavirus outbreak, each person must evaluate their values, priorities, and overall health. Clinical information from the COVID-19, regarding treatment options and likely outcomes based on personal health histories, should lead all of us to the…

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Power Of Attorney: What You Need to Know

When you may become incapacitated and require a trusted agent to handle your affairs, a power of attorney is an essential tool to prepare for the eventuality. The power of attorney documents can be used to grant broad authority to…

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How are Estates Administered in Court?

The probate process is the method judicial officials use to process a decedent's will. Despite the fact that state probate laws differ, the general process remains pretty consistent throughout the country. Probate is the process of proving wills for decedents’.…

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Nursing Home Level of Care and Medicaid Eligibility

If you believed Medicaid planning meant adhering to strict asset and income limits to obtain long-term care coverage, think again. Furthermore, you will have to be able to prove that you need the level of care typically provided in a…

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Changing Wills and Estate Plans for Widows and Widowers

Grieving the death of a spouse is an emotionally, spiritually, and financially difficult experience. One spouse often handles family taxes and estate planning, and the widow(er) may have a complex financial situation that leaves her with more questions than answers.…

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