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Questions for Your Elder Law Attorney

Planning for the future and considering financial matters can be a challenging and emotional experience. However, it is crucial to wisely manage your assets while aging and provide for the family members who will survive you. Your elder law attorney knows…

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Getting an Estate Settled

There are some criteria to understand, whether you need to appoint someone to act as your estate's representative (executor) or you have been chosen as one and you accept this responsibility. The most important is the complexity and the order…

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Why Should You Hire an Elder Law Attorney?

Due to aging baby boomers and the influx of international migrants, the number of seniors in the United States is rapidly growing. Despite the slight decline in the US average life expectancy in the past three years, many Americans, both…

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Planning For Surviving Spouses

When you lose a spouse or long-term partner, it can be difficult to think beyond your grief. Nevertheless, you need to understand that important and timely decisions must be made regarding your financial situation and personal estate planning. To be…

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How are Estates Administered in Court?

The probate process is the method judicial officials use to process a decedent's will. Despite the fact that state probate laws differ, the general process remains pretty consistent throughout the country. Probate is the process of proving wills for decedents’.…

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Changing Wills and Estate Plans for Widows and Widowers

Grieving the death of a spouse is an emotionally, spiritually, and financially difficult experience. One spouse often handles family taxes and estate planning, and the widow(er) may have a complex financial situation that leaves her with more questions than answers.…

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As The Sandwich Generation Grows, Here’s How to Plan

People struggling to care for aging parents and children simultaneously are part of the sandwich generation. Even though the phrase refers to generations, it has nothing to do with people born at a particular time. In most cases, these "sandwich"…

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Incorporating Cryptocurrency into Your Estate Plan

When it comes to digital assets, traditional estate planning elements are mostly obsolete. In the form of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and non-currency blockchain tokens, crypto assets may comprise a significant individual wealth. Your estate plan must address the complex challenges…

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Mistakes To Avoid When Estate Planning

Having the right professional team to create your estate plan can provide you with the best advice and legal documentation to protect your legacy for future generations. Along with an estate planning attorney, who specializes in elder law, you may…

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