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330-588-6115 4842 Higbee Ave. NW Canton, OH 44718

There are several ways to schedule a consultation with Pierce Legal.  You may submit your request online by clicking Schedule an Appointment.   You may also call our office at (330) 588-6115.

Please bring any documentation related to the subject of the consultation.  For estate planning, please bring any prior estate planning documents.  Also, complete the estate planning questionnaire under resources.

We accept all major credit cards, cash and check.

While there is no set age to begin, as soon as you turn 18, there are some legal documents that should be considered such as a durable power of attorney or healthcare power of attorney.  If you get injured or become seriously ill, you will need someone you can trust to make health and financial decisions on your behalf in the event you cannot.  Your estate planning needs will no doubt change as you get older, start a family, purchase a home or even start your own business.  We can assist in updating or changing your plan to suit your needs throughout every step of your life.

Great question!  You definitely need an estate plan since this can be very confusing and cause many unintentional problems down the road for your loved ones.  When there are children from different marriages, without a proper estate plan, the rules of intestacy will determine how the money is passed along and often not what you intended.   Once your spouse passes away, then the estate passes to the heirs.  With an estate plan, your children are protected and will not be left out.

Yes!  It’s exciting to start your own business but stressful at the same time.  We are here to help walk you through every step of the way creating a Limited Liability Company (LLC).   As your business grows, we can also assist with lease agreements, business agreements/contracts, any landlord/tenant issues and more.

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