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The Online Estate Planning Process

Our Online Estate Planning option provides you with the affordability and  convenience of a fixed fee, on-line estate planning service combined with the professional legal advice of a Pierce Legal Group Attorney resulting in estate planning documents individually designed to meet your specific needs.

  1. Fill out the form to register.

  2. Complete a series of online questions and pay a retainer fee of 50% (Balance invoiced upon completion).

  3. Your Estate Plan is prepared by the Pierce Legal Group team.

  4. Consult and review with a Pierce Legal Group attorney.

  5. Receive your Estate Planning documents.

Single Will Plan

This online package is for individuals who need an Estate Plan to protect their family and assets should the unexpected happen.

Couple Will Plan

This online package is for married couples who need an Estate Plan to protect each other, their families, and their assets.

Is a Trust for You?

Is a Trust for You?

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What is Included?

Trust Package (Single and Couple)

Revocable Living Trust – single or joint – Certification of Trust, Assignment of Personal Property,
Last Will and Testament
Financial Power of Attorney
Health Care Power of Attorney
Living Will
Disposition of Remains
Deed to Trust for residence or other real property (if needed)
Estate Organizer
Explanation of Documents
Signing instructions
Funding instructions
Consultation with Attorney

Pick Your Beneficiary

Guardian for Children

Attorney Drafted

Fully Customized

Affordable Solutions of Peace of Mind

Who can make medical decisions for me if I am unable?

Who will be in charge of administering my estate?

What will happen to my children if I die?

Who will inherit my assets?

Who can make financial decisions for me if I am unable?

Frequently Asked Questions

Question Number One?

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Question Number Two?

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Question Number Three?

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Question Number Four?

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Question Number Five?

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