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Do Not Write Your Will Yourself

When wills are drafted, they will address who receives your assets and properties after your death only if they are properly filled out.¬†Your will names a personal representative (executor) who will carry out your directives. In addition to asset distribution,…

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Planning for the Digital Era: 4 Obstacles to Avoid

The Internet of Things (IoT) has become a part of our daily lives, making it more imperative than ever to identify and manage the digital property you own. We've progressed well beyond emailing family or connecting with friends over social…

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Getting an Estate Settled

There are some criteria to understand, whether you need to appoint someone to act as your estate's representative (executor) or you have been chosen as one and you accept this responsibility. The most important is the complexity and the order…

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Beneficiary Insurance

Beneficiaries: Avoid These Mistakes

Beneficiaries are common designations in retirement accounts, wills, and trusts so it is likely that you have one. If an owner of a financial product or vehicle passes away, the proceeds of the product or vehicle go to the beneficiary…

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