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Elder Law Attorneys: What Do They Do?

There are many aspects of elder law that affect older or disabled individuals. Attorneys who practice elder law advocate for and create legal plans to assist seniors, and their loved ones, in living better lives. Elder law may include planning for…

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Questions for Your Elder Law Attorney

Planning for the future and considering financial matters can be a challenging and emotional experience. However, it is crucial to wisely manage your assets while aging and provide for the family members who will survive you. Your elder law attorney knows…

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Planning for the Digital Era: 4 Obstacles to Avoid

The Internet of Things (IoT) has become a part of our daily lives, making it more imperative than ever to identify and manage the digital property you own. We've progressed well beyond emailing family or connecting with friends over social…

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Types of Trusts

Most of us have heard of trusts from the perspective of a beneficiary of one. Some may believe that only wealthy people use them, but they are common and useful tools when creating estate plans of all sizes. Managing and…

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Heir and Family

The Provision of Income by Charitable Trusts to Heirs

The charitable trust is a kind of irrevocable trust that benefits both you and the beneficiary while also providing income for your heirs. The establishment of a charitable trust is a great way to provide many financial benefits to all…

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Will or Not to Will

What Probate Is With or Without a Will

 People commonly know that probate occurs in probate court after someone passes away, and that it is something that happens after someone dies. Many people are not aware that the process is long and complicated. In some cases, it can…

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Senior Citizen Planning

A Guide for Seniors on Estate Planning

Estate planning is regarded as essential by most older adults. Despite this, nearly half of Americans age 55 or older do not have a will or designated powers of attorney, while fewer still have living wills or advance directives. Providing…

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LLC Blog Picture

How A Family LLC Can Benefit Your Estate Plan

There is a structural difference between a partnership and a corporation when it comes to limited liability companies (LLCs). An LLC is a powerful estate planning tool because of the same reasons it is beneficial for financial management for most…

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Beneficiary Insurance

Beneficiaries: Avoid These Mistakes

Beneficiaries are common designations in retirement accounts, wills, and trusts so it is likely that you have one. If an owner of a financial product or vehicle passes away, the proceeds of the product or vehicle go to the beneficiary…

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