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Senior Citizen Planning

A Guide for Seniors on Estate Planning

Estate planning is regarded as essential by most older adults. Despite this, nearly half of Americans age 55 or older do not have a will or designated powers of attorney, while fewer still have living wills or advance directives. Providing…

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What It Means to Be a Fiduciary

You may be asked to act as power of attorney for a family member or friend. Perhaps your person is preparing for a time when they won't be able to manage their affairs. Suppose they become disabled or incapacitated, and…

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Planning For Surviving Spouses

When you lose a spouse or long-term partner, it can be difficult to think beyond your grief. Nevertheless, you need to understand that important and timely decisions must be made regarding your financial situation and personal estate planning. To be…

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Power Of Attorney: What You Need to Know

When you may become incapacitated and require a trusted agent to handle your affairs, a power of attorney is an essential tool to prepare for the eventuality. The power of attorney documents can be used to grant broad authority to…

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Things to know about Estate Planning

Estate planning may sound like the something for the very wealthy, however, in the eyes of the law, an estate is simply the aggregate of property an individual owns, and most everyone owns something. Property ownership includes individual as well…

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How to Talk to Aging Parents About Estate Planning

It is essential that as your parents' age, you have conversations with them about their finances. To broach the topic, you might bring up current events like the coronavirus pandemic, its effect on economic conditions, and how it relates to…

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