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The Online Estate Planning Process

Our Online Estate Planning option provides you with the affordability and  convenience of a fixed fee, on-line estate planning service combined with the professional legal advice of a Pierce Legal Group Attorney resulting in estate planning documents individually designed to meet your specific needs.

  1. Fill out the form to register.

  2. Complete a series of online questions and pay a retainer fee of 50% (Balance invoiced upon completion).

  3. Your Estate Plan is prepared by the Pierce Legal Group team.

  4. Consult and review with a Pierce Legal Group attorney.

  5. Receive your Estate Planning documents.

Individual Trust Plan

This online package is for individuals who need an Estate Plan to protect their family and assets should the unexpected happen.

Couples Trust Plan

This online package is for married couples who need an Estate Plan to protect each other, their families, and their assets.

Is a Trust for You?
What is Included?

Trust Package (Single and Couple)

Revocable Living Trust – single or joint – Certification of Trust, Assignment of Personal Property,
Last Will and Testament
Financial Power of Attorney
Health Care Power of Attorney
Living Will
Disposition of Remains
Deed to Trust for residence or other real property (if needed)
Estate Organizer
Explanation of Documents
Signing instructions
Funding instructions
Consultation with Attorney

Pick Your Beneficiary

Guardian for Children

Attorney Drafted

Fully Customized

Affordable Solutions of Peace of Mind

Who can make medical decisions for me if I am unable?

Who will be in charge of administering my estate?

What will happen to my children if I die?

Who will inherit my assets?

Who can make financial decisions for me if I am unable?

Frequently Asked Questions

I have a will. Isn't that enough?

Although a will is a necessary part of any estate plan, it may not be enough. A will does not avoid probate, and in fact the probate court must become involved in the process of administering your will. Many people do not want their financial affairs to become a matter of public record, which is part of the probate process. Also, a will is effective only following your death. If you become mentally or physically incapacitated, your will provides no protection – but you may be forced to submit to the control of the probate court while you are living. This is because it may be necessary for a guardian of your estate (sometimes called a conservator) to be named.

How does a Revocable Trust work?

A revocable or living trust becomes the owner of your property. The trust is administered by the trustee and you may be your own trustee. If you become unable to act as trustee, the trust can contain language that automatically names a successor trustee.

When you have transferred ownership of all of your property to the trust, there is nothing for the probate court to control — either during your life or at your death. The trust owns all your property for your benefit. But you are in control (even if you are not the trustee) since you revoke the trust at any time.

How is online planning different from services such as Legal Zoom?

Online document providers, which produce boilerplate documents, do not offer the protection and expertise that a licensed attorney in your state can offer.  These templates often can fail when you need them the most. An estate plan needs to be customized to you and be able to adapt to your family’s situation. Our online solutions are specifically designed around your circumstances and family structure, as they are drafted by a licensed attorney. Each plan is reviewed for accuracy and adaptability.  In addition, feel free to consult with our team about any questions or concerns that you may have during the process. You will rest easy knowing that your plan was made specifically for you and not computer generated.

Can I talk to an attorney during this process?

Yes, your fee includes a virtual consultation with an attorney to review your estate planning questions or concerns, or for just a general discussion. We can answer questions as to what you may need and the best avenue to ensure that happens in your plan.

What happens after I receive my documents?

Upon receiving your documents, you will receive instructions outlining any final steps needed to ensure that your estate plan will work properly. This means that what you own will either be owned by your trust or pass to your trust when you die, therefore avoiding probate for a more efficient and simple way for your assets to pass to your spouse and children.

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